Student Feature – Kya H.

Murray, NEB- Kya H. is a sophomore at Conestoga Jr. Sr. High. This is her first year attending Conestoga. She was born in January 2006 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Although most students live in the Beaver Lake/Murray/Nehawka area, she resides a bit further out in Syracuse. Kya drives quite a distance twice a day just to attend Conestoga. She claims that her decision to go to Conestoga was influenced by the school’s environment and the soccer team.

Kya enjoys playing soccer and her previous school does not have a high school soccer team. As of right now, she plays on a club soccer team in Omaha called Evolution. “The adrenaline rush of running after the ball and interaction with the other team is my favorite,” Kya said. Majority of her soccer career has had her playing forward along with many other positions. Kya is currently healing from a severe injury. During this past year she tore her ACL, MCL and both her lateral and medial meniscus.

Soccer is a big part of Kya’s life, but she also has many other interests. In her free time, she loves reading all different genres of books. No matter how many books she reads, “Stay With Me” by Mila Gray is her favorite book. Along with reading, she also enjoys art. She likes sketching and drawing, but without any sort of color or paint.

Kya is a determined and charismatic student. She gives partial credit to her father as she admires and looks up to him. Kya describes her father as supportive, respectable and extremely likeable. Her friends describe her as fun to be around and overall quite funny.

Kya H. has made her way into Conestoga pretty smoothly. Within the first day of school she had made friends and was well-liked by everyone. Kya says she was already used to the environment of a smaller school which helped give her an advantage as a new student.