Softball Season Wrap-up

A Closing to the 2021 Softball Season


Danie Parriott

Some of the Wildcats pose for a photo before a game.

Murray, NEB- Conestoga and Louisville co-op together to make the Wildcats softball team. Their last game was on Monday, Oct. 4. They scored 0 to 11. The whole team wished that they had more games though. Senior, Mati S. said, “If I could change anything about the softball season, I would have made it longer.” Like any other team, the softball team is close and enjoys spending time together at games and practices. “The team this year was just a big family and we made memories together on and off the field,” stated Morgan M.

The Wildcats varsity team won a total of six games. They are upset that they will be losing some of their star players, the seniors. “Our seniors are true leaders on and off the field,” said Sarah DeWispelare, co-head softball coach. “They always held each other and the whole team accountable.” Although the seniors won’t get to play again, they are still supportive of their team. “I am so sad thinking about how I will never get to step onto the field with my teammates again, but I am so excited to come back and watch them kick butt next year!” exclaimed Mati.

All of the coaches and players on the Wildcats team love softball. ReAnn Schreiner, another softball coach, said, “I love coaching softball. The girls and other coches make it very entertaining and exciting.” A lot of the team has been playing softball most of their life and encourage others to join the team even though it is time consuming. DeWispelare said, “It’s always bittersweet. Softball season is a fast and furious season so when it is over it’s finally nice to breathe, but you really miss being with the girls and coaches and playing games.”

The softball season came and went, but the team will always have its memories. They will never forget the games they have won and friends they made. “We truly do have a lot of fun at softball. I enjoy seeing the coaches and the girls everyday. It’s sad that now I won’t see some of them as often,” stated Schreiner. The team is excited for next season and to see the new people that will join the team.