Quarter One…Done!

Wrapping Up the First Quarter


Yearbook Staff

Eighth-grade students working in history class

Murray, NE – Amazing job to everyone for a fantastic start to this 2021 school year! First-quarter has finally come to an end. It has been a rough past couple of years for students and teachers due to Covid-19 affecting the everyday lives of everyone. But, the world is working its way around this issue and getting people back to their normal lives. So, let’s hope we get back to our daily routines soon and not have to worry about Covid getting in the way of our activities!

There is a new modified schedule called the “hybrid” schedule in which there are short eight period days and long block days combined into the week. On Tuesdays and Fridays students have all eight classes in one day. On Wednesdays and Fridays students have four long classes. On Wednesdays, they have the odd periods, and on Thursdays, they have the even periods. There are different thoughts and opinions from people who say they like the short eight-period days better, and others who like the long block days better. Opinions from seniors and freshmen tend to vary.

Senior Lindee W. stated, “This year has been unique from previous years and I am super busy with all different kinds of activities. I am also taking very challenging classes. But that is what makes it fun! Covid-19 has taken away special high school memories including missing my junior homecoming. It has also taken away parts of others’ important life events and school memories but has become part of my journey! My favorite part about this school year so far is seeing everyone attend sporting events to support our school and have more pride than ever! It is nice seeing everyone at the games! I miss the full-time block days because I feel as if we don’t get much accomplished on the short eight-period days. Also as a senior, I have a late start and the hybrid schedule has made that very complicated.”

There are also some students (mostly freshmen) who enjoy the short 8 period days more than the block days. The reason is that they are shorter and you don’t have to sit in class for almost two hours. Opinions vary, and it is good to state your own opinion. So now, let’s make the rest of this 2021-22 school year the best yet! Let’s make it a unique year that we’ve never seen before. Good work everyone!