Are Dress Codes Really Objective?

Murray, NEB- Over the years, schools have implemented dress codes. More recently, girls have begun to question and protest school dress codes because some believe they are unfair. If you grew up as a female you have heard the phrase, “what you are wearing could be distracting.” When are we going to stop telling girls that if they get harassed it’s their fault? I feel the standard school dress code targets females, and specifically females with more curves. I think that if you put two girls in the same exact outfit, nine times out of ten, only the one with more curves will be told she is too distracting.

This causes young girls to believe that they are responsible for boys’ actions. In my opinion, we should be telling people not to sexulize young girls. We shouldn’t be telling girls to be ashamed of something they have no control over. We never see boys getting told their shoulders are distracting over their shorts being too short.

If you walk into any store at the mall you will notice that the women’s section primarily sells more revealing clothing. You will not find shorts that go past your mid thigh let alone past your knees. Overall, clothing targeted towards females is more expensive and has less coverage. Even simple t-shirts are fitted slimmer and shorter when marketed towards females.

I understand that there need to be certain measures placed in school to make sure kids are not completely out of line. We need to be better about making sure those rules are objective though, and not targeting certain groups of people.