Veteran’s Day Program Announcement!

Conestoga’s Annual Veteran’s Day Celebration


MURRAY, NEB- Coming to you for a brief announcement. A week from today on Nov. 11, Conestoga will be hosting a Veteran’s Day Program. It will be held in the Jr./Sr. High School gym, and will occur at 9a.m. All the students of Conestoga will assemble in the bleachers, and parents and guardians are invited to join them.

At this program, there will be music performances and recognition of all that have served our country and are currently serving. A speaker will also be present at this event, to inform us a little more about the day that is known as Veteran’s Day. Following the ceremony, cake and coffee will be provided for our veterans. At this program, it is not mandatory to wear your mask, but you are more than welcome to do so! We hope to see you there.