Veterans Day Program

The official annual Veterans Day Program


Danie Parriott

FFA Students fold the American flag during the Veterans Day program.

MURRAY-NEB- The Veterans Day Program has finally arrived. Every year, as a country, we celebrate the day that is known as Veterans day, on Nov. 11. The school of Conestoga has decided to do the same. Conestoga hosted a Veterans Day Program at 9 a.m., on Nov. 11, 2021. During the program, everyone celebrated our country’s veterans, and all who are currently serving in the military. The school, students, community members and veterans all came together on this day to celebrate.

During this program, the people heard people speak to us about Veterans Day. There was also a slideshow playing throughout the ceremony, of veterans that have attended the school of Conestoga, a few current Conestoga students, and any veteran relatives to the students. They also heard Conestoga’s Jr./Sr. High School band perform for the audience. The band played the national anthem, along with a medley. They were truly a joy to listen to. The Conestoga High School was also visited by the elementary school students, who presented the crowd with a special Veterans Day choir performance. The school made sure to also acknowledge all of the veterans who attended this program, so the citizens could give them a round of applause, and thank them for their service.

Conestoga High School’s FFA team also presented the folding of the flag. As they folded the flag, senior Lindee W. shared what each fold represented. At the end of the program, junior Delaney D. performed “Taps”, which the crowd deeply appreciated. Once the program ended, the veterans were offered cake and coffee in the school commons, and the citizens who attended were welcomed to go check out the memorial museum also located in the commons. The people of Conestoga want to welcome everyone who came to this event, and for all who set up and planned this wonderful program!