Supply Chain Issues

Murray NEB-If you are looking for decorations and holiday items, you better order them now! There have been some major supply chain issues involving material scarcity and increasing prices. The difficult transportation due to the pandemic has been a challenge when transporting products across industries.

Different ways of transporting products include artificial intelligence, drones or robots, vehicles and on-demand delivery. These forms of transportation can’t keep up with the number of people ordering products. Transportation cannot stay ahead of the competition. Companies have started raising prices to limit the number of purchases among people. Raising prices will reduce the amount of purchases because people do not like spending a lot of money on these little things and would rather spend less.

The lack of employees is another big issue in the supply chain. The Department of Labor documented a record 4.3 million people quitting their jobs in August. Sectors have only been paying minimum wage so this results in employees quitting and that means less truck drivers and warehouse workers. The American Trucking Service in 2019 estimated that they would be short about 60,000 drivers and that shortage has increased due to retirements.

To tie everything together, you should order holiday items as soon as possible to avoid shortage problems. A better option that supply chain experts have come up with is for consumers to wait and start tapering their demands for goods, or they may end up paying a higher price once long-awaited products are available.