Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Holiday shopping can be a very stressful process. Especially when shopping for those you aren’t close with. Not knowing what to get people can completely ruin your Christmas experience. Who wants to be stressed during the holidays? I have compiled a list of foolproof Christmas gifts that are easy and won’t drain your bank account.
Food is always a good option because it’s cheap and everyone loves it. There are endless possibilities. You could make a hot chocolate gift basket with marshmallows, mix, and other various things. Another idea is gift cards to their favorite restaurant whether it’s Olive Garden or McDonalds.
Other things you can’t go wrong with are sweatshirts and shoes. These are a little more expensive but they are things everyone needs all year long. If these things are out of your price range, get them a stocking full of little things. Chapstick, phone cases, socks, and money are always good options.
If you can’t think of anything for that random person you want to get a gift for and none of these options sound good, get them money. You might think it’s lazy, but we all know it’s everyone’s favorite gift.