Jump for the Joy of the Jamboree!

Conestoga’s Annual Jamboree Basketball Games

MURRAY-NEB- Yes! You heard it here right folks. Basketball season is finally here and was kicked off on Nov. 23 with the annual girls and boys varsity basketball jamboree games. These games were played against a close rival of Conestoga: Lourdes Central Catholic. This year, these two games were held at Conestoga Jr/Sr High.

First the girls game took place at 5 o’clock sharp. The game was intense, but left Conestoga at its first defeat of the basketball year. After the girls game ended, the boys game began at 6:30, precisely. This game was also another jam-packed game with close scores a majority of the time, but left Conestoga at another loss. However, the people of Conestoga are always proud of their players, whatever the outcome of the games are.

Throughout the course of the game, there were a great number of spectators watching. Everyone’s spirits were high and the cheering was loud. There were the fabulous cheerleaders to lead the Cougars in team spirit, and the fantastic dance team to entertain them during the halftime show at the boys game. Even though the games didn’t end on a great note, the Conestogians will continue to be proud of their teams, and will always make sure they are cheering loud enough that you could hear it across the state of Nebraska! This was such a fun experience to kick off this year’s basketball season.