It’s Finally Open!

Murray Bridge Opens One-Way Traffic

Murray, NEB-At last! The Murray Bridge is finally open! After passing two deadlines, there is now a one-way road crossing over the bridge with a stoplight. The other side of the road will be completed soon so two-way traffic can then go through. Once the bridge is fully complete, there will be a smoother traffic flow.

The bridge is important to many people in the school district. After the road collapsed, students had to use gravel roads to access school. This caused the gravel roads to become a lot busier. Other citizens that lived in Murray by the bridge had to access their homes in other ways. Also, most teenage drivers are not used to the gravel roads so everyone had to adjust to the changes. There are no other pavement alternatives near the schools so you would have to go near Plattsmouth to access pavement roads.

But now, students and citizens are excited that the bridge is now open for use. It is so much safer and easier and also a faster route to get to school and back home!