Four Day School Week for Other Schools?

Other Schools are Switching to Four Days a Week

Murray, NEB – Conestoga is now not alone in the four-day school week. Other schools have been establishing a four-day school week for students, due to staff shortage and constant illnesses. On Jan 21, a four-day school week started for the Grand Island Public Schools (GIPS). This will only last for the next five weeks. Instead of having Mondays off, GIPS will have Fridays off.

Staff will still work on the Fridays to plan and have a head start to the busy week. These four-day school weeks mean longer school days to get the amount of hours needed to complete the school year. GIPS also stated that school activities will still go on unless otherwise scheduled. GIPS will evaluate the schedule to see if they can possibly go back to five-day weeks, or remain in the four-day week schedule.