What is NHS?

Murray, NEB- National Honor Society, otherwise known as NHS, is a nationwide organization that involves many different high schools’ chapters. There are NHS chapters located in all 50 states, Canada and other places all around the world. The National Honor Society was established in 1912 with the purpose of recognizing students who show excellence in leadership, service, character and scholarship. These four categories are considered the four pillars of the NHS. If involved in Conestoga’s NHS, it is expected of you to complete at least 15 community service hours throughout the year along with developing greater involvement with the school and its activities.

An application for the National Honor Society is sent to 10th, 11th, and 12th graders who have a grade point average of over 92 percent. Anyone who qualifies will receive an application in their sophomore year of high school. If they are accepted, they will participate in their junior and senior years. Although, receiving an application does not guarantee entry into your school’s chapter. A student must write a formal letter and create a resume to submit to the NHS committee. At this point, the NHS committee will then review your submission and take it upon themselves to decide whether you have been accepted into the NHS or not. Any student who applies will receive a letter informing them whether they have been accepted into the National Honors Society or if their application was declined.

Conestoga’s National Honor Society is currently accepting applications from those who qualify. Applications have been sent out by mail and anyone who is interested in joining must send their application to Rebecca Spangler by February 18.