Uncharted: Is It Worth the Watch?

Murray, NEB- Video game enthusiasts have awaited the arrival of the Uncharted movie. Uncharted originated as a series of video games available for play on Sony’s Playstation consoles. The game came out in August 2017 and since then has gone on to become a franchise. This movie is a combination of the games’ plot and characters to bring adventure to the movie screen.

Uncharted stars famous actors such as Tom Holland, Rudy Pankow and Mark Wahlberg. The movie was released on February 22, 2022 and has quickly become a major hit in theaters. Fans of adventure and suspense have come to love this movie. The story follows Nathan (Tom Holland) and Sully (Mark Wahlberg) who come across many dangers in the hunt of 500-year-old lost treasure. The video game series and movie was greatly inspired by other movies such as Indiana Jones and other amazing adventure tales.

This movie will be a terrific watch for those who have played the Uncharted game and enjoyed it, adventure and suspense lovers and anyone who loves to watch movies. Uncharted shares interests with many viewers with an adventurous plot including danger and a lot of action. Uncharted is a fantastic PG-13 movie to go watch with friends and family for a fun time.