Thies Departing From Conestoga


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Murray, NEB.- As we all know, one of Conestoga’s beloved teachers is starting a new chapter in his life and going on to law school! Anthony Thies is involved with many school activities including being the head girl’s basketball coach, mock trial coach, and assistant boy’s soccer coach. He also teaches a variety of different classes such as world history, American history, and modern problems. In past years, Thies has been a football coach and girl’s soccer coach for Conestoga along with teaching American government and Psychology/Sociology.

Thies has many different feelings about leaving Conestoga, he stated, “My favorite part about being at Conestoga has been the people. I’ve made many meaningful and important connections over my four years at Conestoga. The staff at Conestoga has been a dedicated, caring group that works hard for students and are great people. The students at Conestoga are multi-talented and it’s been great to see so many students succeed at many different things and to see their opportunities to display those talents expand with programs like Mock Trial and e-Sports.” By his words we know that Thies enjoyed his time here at Conestoga and will cherish the relationships he made here forever.

But, Thies is also excited about starting a new chapter in his life. “I’m excited for the new challenge. I’ve always been interested in law and that’s something that played a factor into me becoming a social studies teacher. I’m excited to transition back to the role of a student. I know there will be plenty of challenges but I know that the hard work will be well worth it in the end.”
Feelings here at Conestoga are both sad and excited about Thies. There are some sad feelings because seeing a teacher leave is always hard. But, we know Thies is following a passion he has had for years and we are all very happy for him!

Thies also stated, “Seeing the students and staff on a daily basis. I’ve made a lot of meaningful relationships during my four years at Conestoga. While I won’t be far away, I’m certainly going to miss those everyday relationships and the little things like saying ‘Good morning’ to kids and staff in the halls. I look forward to seeing the students develop but will miss getting to be a more active participant in the school.”

We will miss Thies dearly and it won’t be the same without him! We are also excited that he is starting a new chapter in his life and fulfilling dreams of his own!