Conestoga Special Board Meeting

Murray, NEB.- Conestoga’s Board of Education met Wed. Feb. 23 in the high school media center to appoint a new board member and approve a bond issue to be placed on the May ballot. The meeting wrapped up in a record six minutes with the five board members unanimously agreeing to each item. Following the sudden resignation of former board member Dean Nickles in early February, the Board of Education received applications to fill the seat until the term expires in 2024. The board unanimously nominated and appointed Jeremy Stone to fill the seat. The other major item on the board agenda was approving a bond proposal for the district which would be sent to the voters on their primary ballot in May. The bond would cost taxpayers roughly $29 million and make improvements to the district’s two school buildings. The board believes this is necessary as communities continue to grow in the district.

The board also approved Cole Willis to serve as the next Activities Director & Assistant Principal as Jason Ahrens will be teaching history following the retirement of Anthony Thies.

The last item approved by the board was moving the May Board of Education meeting. The meeting was originally scheduled for May 10, Election Day. Board President Allison Welch said she wished to move the meeting to ensure all people in the district have an opportunity to vote. They approved moving the meeting to Mon. May 9, 2022. Board members Allison Welch, Jason Nolting, Tracey Priefert, Dave Duzik, and Candace Kelley were in attendance.