Spring Sports Come To A Start

Soccer and Track Begin

MURRAY-NEB-Some people wait all year for spring and the spring sports to come around. They have to wait all school year for them to finally arrive. However, that time is now. As of Tuesday, Feb. 29, the spring sports have kicked off. On that day also, the first girls’ soccer conditioning started after school.

The week following this, official soccer practices for girls started on Monday, Feb. 28. On the same day, the track team had their first conditioning as well. While this was going on, the boys’ soccer team also had their first practice. Throughout the rest of this week, boys’ and girls’ soccer will continue to have practices after school, along with track and field practices.

The coaches for the track and field team are some lovely staff at Conestoga including; Chad Schmeckpepper, Ryan Burns, Trenton Clausen, and Mrs. Harvey. The girls’ soccer team coaches are; Coach Scott and Anton Yost. Lastly, the boys’ soccer team coaches are; Larry Welch and Tony Thies. They are putting in all of their effort to whip the students into wonderful athletes by the end of the season. Conestoga fans and members of Cougar Mania cannot wait to go and cheer on all the athletes at their sporting events this spirited spring season!