Emory T. Earns Two State Medals in Less Than 24 Hours

Emory T. showed the students at Conestoga that anything is possible if you try.

Emory T. after winning her last match and securing a medal in the state wrestling championship.

Murray, NEB-Emory T., junior, competed in both the state dance championship and the state wrestling championship and placed in both events. The Cougarettes kept their streak of winning six consecutive championships as they, this year, got first in the HipHop category and third in the Pom category. Further, this year was Emory T.’s first time going out for wrestling and the first year where there was NSAA sanctioned girl’s wrestling. She competed in the first ever NSAA girl’s state championship and placed sixth, as she had to withdraw due to the state dance championship.

Emory T. posing her trophy and medal from the state dance championship. (Neleigh Trofholz)

The Prowl interviewed Emory T. about her success and she said that this was a great learning experience. When asked how it felt to be in the first wrestling state championship for girls, she said that it was exhilarating and that she felt honored to be making history and that it was amazing to see girls get the same opportunities as boys. Further, when asked about state dance, Emory T. said that even though she has been doing this for the past three years it is still thrilling and exciting. Due to state wrestling and state cheer being the same weekend, Emory T. had to withdraw from the wrestling championship to be able to participate in state dance. This was a difficult situation and Emory T. said that doing both sports was stressful, however, she feels like she made the best of the situation. What helped her do it was all the support and encouragement she got from her coaches and friends as well as the motivation that came from being a first-year wrestler and going to state. This experience taught her that taking risks and trying new things can have a positive outcome and affect your life forever. The advice she has for other students is to put themselves out there and challenge themselves and not to be afraid of change and new experiences since you never know what it could lead to.

Conestoga is proud of Emory T. and she has truly shown what the cougar spirit is.