The Incredible Mrs. Iverson

Murray, NEB- Brooke Iverson started her career here at Conestoga at the beginning of 2001. In 2006 she left Conestoga, only to return to her teaching post at the end of 2020 to teach English to Freshman and Eighth graders. Iverson grew up in Kearney, NE; she played basketball at Concordia University for two years and then transferred to UNK to complete her undergraduate degree. Iverson also holds a Master’s degree that she earned through attending classes at UNO. After graduating college she began her teaching career at St. Bernadette in Omaha.

Growing up Iverson wanted to become a lawyer or a teacher so she’s living the dream! When she attended college she chose to major in education and become a teacher. She wanted to help kids learn and work at their highest potential, and as she put it, “education all day, everyday!” Her favorite subjects in school included science and history because the teachers were awesome and they had great lessons. As a student she struggled a little bit in math, resulting in that being one of her least favorite classes.

Mrs. Iverson is loved by many of the students here at Conestoga “She’s a very energetic teacher and mixes in interesting and fun things in her class,” Raquel H., freshman at Conestoga stated. Not only does she find ways to bring fun into the learning environment she is also very chill when it comes to teaching. She is basically every student’s best friend.

We are all very excited to see Mrs. Iverson strive as an educator and teacher and see what the rest of her career at Conestoga will bring.