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Admin to Return to Social Studies Classroom


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Head coach Jason Ahrens addresses the boys’ basketball team during a game. He will now be teaching some of those players as he transitions back to teaching from being the activities director.

Murray, NEB.-Next year, Conestoga Public Schools will be losing beloved teacher Anthony Thies as he pursues his own dreams of a profession in the law. Filling that opening will be Jason Ahrens. Ahrens is Conestoga’s current activities director, head teacher and head boys basketball coach. Ahrens has previously taught social studies at Conestoga, educating students in American history, American government, sociology, psychology and, most recently, modern problems. Now, he will be teaching modern problems, American history, and, for the first time, world history.

While he has served as the activities director for the last several years, he decided that it was time for a change. “I just have had a draw to go back to the classroom,” he stated. “Working with students is a big deal for me.”

He lamented the fact that he’s lost a little bit of the connection with students at Conestoga, saying that he doesn’t feel he knows the kids as well anymore. As he put it, “I like the interaction with students. As an activities director, a lot of times, you’re removed from students, and that’s not why I got into education.”

His return to the classroom will allow him to get back to what he loves. He may have taken a break from it, but Ahrens is passionate about his subject. “I am a big history guy. My dad was a social studies teacher. […] My favorite shows are all history related.” A glimpse into his office will reveal a space adorned with history related posters and memorabilia. Teaching provides him with the opportunity to put his passion for history to use by educating America’s youth on the past.

While we may be sad to see Thies go, it is exciting to see Ahrens able to get back to what he loves. There have been good experiences from his role as the activities director, but, he said, “I’m excited about being back in the classroom, and being back with history.”