The Batman

A Review

Murray, NEB- After watching “The Batman” in theaters, I think that the new movie is better than “The Dark Knight”. “The Batman” had everything a good film should have. The antagonist was more complex, which made the plot better overall. This movie had mystery, anticipation, and an exhilarating climax. In my opinion, Batman’s suit in “The Batman” made a huge difference in how much I liked the movie. In “The Dark Knight” the suit looked cheap and more like a cheesy kid’s movie. In “The Batman” the suit looks a little more worn down and it elevates the entire mood of the movie.

I enjoyed the scenes that explained more about the backstory of Batman. It talks about how the Wayne family got rich and how his parents died. This movie is more realistic and it shows more of the dark side to being Batman. It deals with more serious issues and definitely not what I expected after watching the other movies. It had more gore and felt more eerie than I was expecting; it honestly shocked me.

Overall I loved the movie. It went over the backstory for anyone who hasn’t seen the other movies, and explained the story in such a realistic way. I love when we see the protagonist’s bad side or darker past because it lets the viewers see how human the character is. I also really enjoyed how it went into darker subject matters, but I love horror movies so keep that in mind. I would definitely recommend this movie.