Honor Band and Choir

Murray, NEB – Conestoga has an outstanding band and choir director, Cassi Vallis. NCC Honor band took place on Monday, March 17 and Choir took place on Tuesday, March 1. Honor band is a great way to gain musical experience and participate in concerts along with playing challenging music. Unfortunately, this year, the events typically hosted by UNO and Hastings were canceled. In order to be accepted into an honor band or choir, you have to be selected. The audition typically includes, singing or playing the chosen scales and etudes and can also include selecting your own short solo piece to play or sing so the judges can hear your strengths. The band and choir kids have been preparing for a while now.

Flute player Ella L. stated “ Honor band was such an amazing experience and such an honor to be in. I learned so much about my playing and got so much better in just a few hours. It really helped me realize how powerful a band can really be. I brought back so many amazing tips and tricks back to help the band and I can already see a difference. Along with learning, I got to meet really amazing people and make a lot of friends. Many people would think that honor band is a boring and grueling process, but it was really fun!”

Shelby C. had past experiences and stated “Unfortunately due to covid I didn’t get to go this year. However, when I went to honor choirs in the past they were lots of fun! I got to meet lots of new people and work with a new director. This experience helped me to become a better singer for choir.”

The students that were accepted into the Class C All-State symphonic band were Richard C. (Alto Sax), Stephanie P. (Trumpet), Evelyn M. (Flute), and Ella L. (Flute). The students accepted into the wind ensemble were John M (Baritone Sax) and Drew F. (Trombone). There were also students accepted into the Hastings honor band. The students were Daniel C. (Clarinet), Drew F. (Trombone), Ella L. (Flute), John M. (Bari Sax), Evelyn M. (Flute), Stephanie P. (Trumpet). All of these students worked very hard to prepare for these events and it paid off because they all did very well! On the other hand, the students selected for choir were Shelby C. (Soprano) and Heather F. (Soprano).