Junior High Platteview Music Contest

Conestoga Band and Choir Students Attend a Music Contest


The Conestoga Jr. High choir getting ready to perform

Murray, NEB- On Friday, March 25, the Conestoga Junior High band and choir students went to a music contest at Platteview High School. At this contest, the band performed Celtic Air and Dance and The Tempest. The choir performed Swing Low, Sweet Chariot and Lightning. All of these songs were also performed at the March Music Contest on March 15. Performing at a contest is a way for students to learn to assess themselves with performance skills, gives them another opinion on things that they can improve on and allows them a chance to show off their songs for other schools.

The Conestoga Jr. High band performs their songs

Both the band and the choir received a rating of Excellent. Although the students did not receive the highest rating, they still performed well. “I think that we have really improved since the March concert, but we still have things that we could work on,” said Jack S., a band member. The band has few members and consists of mostly seventh graders, but they still play with confidence and seem to enjoy performing. Both the choir and the band worked on adding little things to their performing to create more interesting music. Everyone can play their part. The individual sounds they make are put together to make music. They have to work together and follow the director to perform.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this has been the first year in a while that the students were able to attend a contest. “This is the first year in three years that there has been a normal JH Music Contest, and I was happy that the choir and band students could experience a contest like this,” said Cassi Vallis, the Conestoga music director. Being able to participate in music contests this year has made both Vallis and the students delighted. Jack said, “I liked going to the contest. It was fun to see other schools perform and learn new ways that I can play my music better.”

The contest went well and the students received good comments from the judges. This contest has helped them so that they can perform better for their last concert of this school year in May.

Throughout their high school music career, these students will get to experience many more contests and performances. They will learn many more things and will become great musicians and singers. This contest will be something that they will remember, something that helped them grow.