State FBLA

Murray, NEB – State FBLA is just around the corner. State will be taking place on April 11-13 in Kearney at the Kearney Convention Center. Students will leave school on Monday and return back on Wednesday. Students attending consist of Rachel B., Alyssa B., Callie T., Dani A., Carter A., Madison B., Brittany J., Prinsessa M., John M., Trey R., Sophia A., Mackenzie J., Ethan A., Brody M., Haven Z., Mati S., Addi A. and Jagger P. For the three days that they are there, they will be taking part in different events and meeting other FBLA students.

Before all the events start, there will be a social hour for all students to attend. This gives them a time to visit with their fellow peers who also part-take in FBLA. Students from all different schools will be meeting up, talking and then competing against each other in the following days.

Conestoga’s FBLA students are provided with this opportunity and get to choose whether or not they would like to participate. Students choose what events to participate in from a list of events provided to the teacher in charge by the FBLA website. Each student picked a minimum of 3 events each. Events vary from things such as tests, speeches, presentations and digital design projects. Some competitive events may be individual or with a group depending on the objective. Once the event has taken place, the scores in which the student or students received will be gathered and compared to those of other students. A student who receives one of the highest scores out of all competitors will be awarded at the awards ceremony on Wednesday.