Auburn Track Rainout

High School Track Meet Disaster

MURRAY, NEB- On the day of Tuesday, March 29, Conestoga’s High School Track Team gathered on the buses, and headed off to nearby Auburn High School. This was a varsity meet, with many competitors. Six schools attended this meet, and they were fierce. However, Conestoga was fiercer.

The results of this meet were remarkable with Conestoga’s girls ending in second place. Conestoga was on a roll, until the weather started to become strange. When the athletes arrived, it was cloudy and cold out. Throughout the day, it progressively got warmer. By the time there were only a few running events and the cougars 4×100 meter relay teams were preparing, the weather started to go downhill. As the heat for the girls’ two mile race was taking place, the meet paused due to thunder and sprinkling outside. Conestoga student Danie P. was in first with only two laps remaining of the race. Dani A. was right behind her in second place.

Of course, everyone was upset. Both of the Conestoga girls were going to gain major points for the school in the meet, and the two of them were about to set their PRs. All of the school’s athletes and coaches were called into the high school gymnasium to wait for the rain to end to continue the meet. However, the events were never able to start up again because it started raining even harder than before. Conestoga’s team assembled back onto the bus, and started back for the school. Everyone is proud of the track team for how they did, and wish they could have concluded the meet with a bang!