Conestoga Board of Education Discusses Adding Student Member


Murray, NEB – It was a packed evening at the Conestoga Board of Education meeting on April 12. The first item on the agenda was a scheduled audience, Jayden Speed, to propose and discuss the addition of a student member to the district’s board. Speed is the current President of the Student Council and the Junior Class at Conestoga Jr/Sr High School.

The proposal is possible under a section of Nebraska law, Nebraska Revised Statute 79-559, which allows class III and IV school districts to opt into the inclusion of a student member on the Board of Education. The student member is not allowed to vote and can not be present for executive sessions.

The Board did not vote on the proposal at the April meeting and due to the upcoming elections in May, it is likely that the board will formally vote in June or July on whether to add a student member.

A student member would serve on the board for a term of one year starting on September 1st and ending on June 1st, most likely starting in the 2022-2023 school year. The selection of a student board member would be determined by the students themselves but regulated by the Board of Education. Per Nebraska Law, a student member shall be the student body president, the senior class president, or a representative elected of and by the student body.

Board members responded positively to the proposal. Board members Allison Welch, Dave Duzik, Jason Nolting, Tracey Priefert and Candace Kelley were in attendance. Board member Jeremy Stone was absent. Superintendent Dr. Johnsen, Elementary Principal Eric Dennis and High School Principal Robert Geise were also present.