Girls’ Soccer

After a successful year, the girls were excited to start their new season this year. They have some returners and many new girls on the 2022 team. Mr Theis is no longer assistant coach, but Anton Y. was selected to be the new girls’ assistant coach.
The girls are in the postseason, starting their sub-districts this week. They have had a rough path, but overall, they are holding their own and playing well. Their top scorer this season is Jameson Y, and their starters include: MacKaylee M., Kylie C., Kyler Z., Sophia T., Jameson Y., Ella W., and Lindee W. Other players that get rotated as starters are Angelina F., Devida G., Prinsessa M., and Kya L. The head coach for girls soccer is Scott R.
Conestoga has a home game against Auburn Thursday, April 28th at 5p.m. The girls are also having their parents night tonight during the game. The girls have had a great season and they are optimistic about the last games of their season.