Elementary School Carnival

Murray, NEB – The annual school carnival is just around the corner. Conestoga Elementary School is holding a carnival for all its students. Anyone is welcome to play games and hang out with friends. Since the pandemic, there was a year break between carnivals held. This year is the return of the carnival that many students have been eager to attend. The carnival will take place at Conestoga Elementary in the gym on April 29. The carnival will be going on from 5:30 to 8:30 on the night of Friday, April 29. When you arrive, you can purchase tickets at the table by the front door to play games.

Students and teachers help host this event to give kids a fun night. FBLA and FFA students are volunteering and assisting at the carnival. They will be assigned roles and positions to help with throughout the night. Games are often run by high school students which gives them a chance to earn more responsibility skills just as much as it is fun for the kids. They must help set up, run events, supervise and clean up at the event. The school carnival is a good time for everyone, no matter the age, and is a great opportunity to help out with the school.